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Our Services

GR8 GEO engineers provide advanced engineering solutions for projects spanning a wide range of markets.

Our engineers develop solutions for our clients’ most challenging projects. 

We adopt a client-focused approach tailored to the unique needs of each project and client.

>  Site Characterization
We integrate and interpret data collected from various site investigations to develop comprehensive 2D & 3D models of subsurface stratigraphy, evaluate potential geohazards and develop idealized properties for use in analyses and design.
Design and Supervision of Site Investigation Program
Design and Interpretation of Laboratory Testing Program
Integrated Site Characterization
after Tasiopoulou et al (2018)
after Tasiopoulou et al (2018)
after Tasiopoulou et al (2018)
Site Caracterization
>  Numerical Analyses
We routinely perform advanced numerical analyses to identify critical failure mechanisms in complex problems and design mitigation solutions, reduce conservatisms inherent in simplified state-of-practice approaches, optimize design and reduce costs for our clients.
Modeling of Geotechnical and Structural Systems
Static and Dynamic Analyses
Advanced Soil Constitutive Models
Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction
Numerical Analyses
>  Geotechnical Design
We support our clients throughout all stages of a project from development of innovative concepts during Tender or early design stages all the way to the development of drawings, specifications during final design and construction.
  • Concept, Preliminary and Detailed Design
  • Performance-Based approaches to choose and optimize solutions
  • Development of Plans and Specifications
  • Establishing and evaluating Construction Sequence
  • Evaluating and optimizing Ground Improvement requirements


Geotechnical Design
>  Offshore Geotechnical Engineering
We apply our expertise in advanced numerical modeling and our experience with a wide spectrum of multi-disciplinary projects spanning the nearshore and offshore environments to develop efficient and economical design solutions for a range of offshore structures.
Numerical Evaluations of Offshore Wind Farm Foundations
● Numerical Evaluations of Jack up Spudcan Penetration & Extraction
● Offshore Pipeline & Cable Soil Interaction Studies
● Inputs for Structural Design of Offshore Platforms

Offshore Geotechnical Engineering
>  Earthquake Engineering
Our earthquake expertise spans a wide range of services ranging from the development of site-specific ground motions to reduce uncertainty and establish a reliable design basis all the way to performance of advanced, state-of-the art dynamic analyses to develop reliable designs
Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analyses
Time History Development
Site Response Analyses
Fault Displacement Hazard Analyses
Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
Liquefaction Evaluations
Dynamic Slope Stability Evaluations
Soil-Structure Interaction Analyses
Earthquake Engineering
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