Amalia Giannakou

PhD, P.E.


Dr Amalia Giannakou is a Principal Engineer at GR8 GEO.  Over the last 10 years she has worked extensively and served as the technical manager for the site characterization, geotechnical design and advanced numerical modeling activities for large infrastructure projects. Before joining GR8 GEO she developed and managed Fugro’s European earthquake engineering group while also serving as the geotechnical division manager of Fugro’s operating company in Turkey.  She previously worked at Fugro’s international earthquake engineering group in California after completing her PhD in dynamic soil-structure-interaction under the supervision of Prof George Gazetas. 


She has served as the lead geotechnical engineer and technical manager for a range of large multidisciplinary infrastructure projects involving site investigation, site characterization and engineering design services.  Select projects include the site characterization, earthquake engineering studies and foundation design services for the Izmit Bay, the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge and the “1915 Çanakkale” bridges in Turkey, the site characterization, geotechnical design and development of ground motions for the SOCAR Oil Gas and Petrochemical Complex Project in Azerbaijan, the probabilistic fault displacement hazard evaluations for the TANAP pipeline in Turkey and the preliminary earthwork design for the Istanbul New Airport in Turkey. 


She has also managed numerous small to medium size earthquake engineering studies in several seismically active areas around the world including Turkey, Middle East, California, Azerbaijan, Russia and India. Most of these projects typically included probabilistic seismic hazard analyses, site response analyses, liquefaction evaluations, and soil-structure interaction analyses. 


She most recently managed and coordinated the cyclic laboratory testing program and advanced numerical modeling activities for the assessment of the seismic performance of critical earth structures in Groningen, the Netherlands, against man-induced seismicity.

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