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Dynamic SSI Evaluations for Jetty and Pipeline of LNG Import Terminal, Southeast Asia


GR8 GEO provided earthquake engineering services for an LNG Import terminal with a focus on the dynamic performance assessment of the jetty where the FSRU will dock and the pipeline that will bring the fuel to the shore. Due to the high seismicity at the project area and the presence a subsea slope parallel to the coastline and near the jetty consisting of soft soils, the dynamic slope movement-induced demands on the jetty structure and the pipeline needed to be evaluated.

GR8 GEO performed the following tasks for the project:
•    Site characterization, development of idealized stratigraphy and soil properties for use in dynamic analyses
•    Development of spectrum compatible time histories using spectral matching.
•    2D dynamic SSI analyses to evaluate the magnitude of the dynamic slope movement as well as develop preliminary estimates of the associated demands on the jetty structure.
•    Numerical evaluations of the pipeline deformations, stresses and strains due to slope movement performed through nonlinear pipe-soil interaction analyses using a beam-on-Winkler-foundation model

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