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Offshore Wind Farms, East Coast, U.S.A

GR8 GEO has supported Offshore Wind Farm developments in the East Coast of the U.S.A. by providing the following services:
•    Interpretation of in situ and laboratory tests to develop design stratigraphy and soil parameters;
•    Calibration of advanced soil constitutive models;
•    3D soil structure interaction analyses of Offshore Substation and Wind Turbine monopile lateral response under monotonic loading to develop soil reaction curves for use in structural analyses in accordance with the PISA framework.
•    3D numerical simulation of Jack-up Barge spudcan penetration and extraction near a monopile foundation to quantify the soil volume affected and the degraded soil properties
•    3D numerical analyses of Wind Turbine monopile lateral response to evaluate the impact of the presence of weaker soil zones due to spudcan installation and extraction, and assess the adequacy of the mitigation measures


Three of our engineers, Jacob Chacko, Amalia Giannakou and Spyros Giannakos, are registered Professional Engineers in the State of California.

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