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Design of Temporary Structures for the 1915 Canakkale Bridge, Turkey


The existing Dry Dock area near the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge also used for the storage and transportation with barges and SPMTs of the bridge deck segments. DLSY JV has retained the services of GR8 GEO to provide engineering design services for the various temporary structures at and around the Dry Dock area near Çanakkale in Turkey.

GR8 GEO provided the following services for the project:
•    Site characterization and development of soil properties for use in design
•    Effective stress site response analyses for Deck Storage Areas and a Temporary Crossing Bridge for transport and storage of Deck Sections
•    2D and 3D analyses of heavy Loaded Foundations and Pavements subjected to Deck Section and SPMT Loading
•    Geotechnical and Structural Design of two load-out berths, a Temporary Bridge, Deck Storage Footings and SPMT pavements


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