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GR8 GEO in OSIG 2023

Our team will be participating in the 9th International Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics (OSIG 2023) that will take place from 12-14 September 2023 at Imperial College in London with 5 papers!

  • V.A. Drosos, P. Tasiopoulou, A. Giannakou, J. Chacko, C. T’Joen, D. Papadopoulos, S. de Wit and R. Fearon. "Dynamic Numerical Evaluations of Slope Movement-Induced Demands on Pile-Supported Jetty and Offshore Pipeline for an Import LNG Terminal"

  • Y.K. Chaloulos, P. Tasiopoulou, A. Giannakou and J. Chacko. "3D numerical simulations of centrifuge tests measuring suction bucket capacity in sand under different pullout rates"

  • P. Tasiopoulou, Y. Chaloulos, C. Tsifis, A. Giannakou, J. Chacko, M. Harte and T. Balaam. "Evaluation of stress-induced anisotropy effects on undrained monotonic capacity of suction bucket foundations in cohesionless soils using Ta-Ger constitutive model"

  • P. Tasiopoulou, T. Limnaiou, Y. Chaloulos, A. Giannakou and J. Chacko. "Time-history Effective-stress Analyses of OWT Suction Bucket Foundation in Sand under Sustained Tension Typhoon Loading"

  • D. Delavinia, E. Kementzetzidis, S. Panagoulias A. Tsouvalas and F. Pisanò. "Seismic soil-monopile-structure interaction for offshore wind turbines: from 3D to 1D modelling"

See you there!


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