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Spyros Giannakos

PhD, P.E.


Dr Spyros Giannakos is a Senior Engineer at GR8 GEO. He is a registered Civil Engineer in California and has over 10 years of experience in advanced numerical modeling using FLAC, ABAQUS and PLAXIS for several projects involving soil-structure interaction and earthquake related hazards. He has worked extensively on projects worldwide involving seismic hazard assessment, site response analyses, soil-structure interaction, slope stability, foundation design, fault rupture effects on structures, assessment of liquefaction-induced hazards and their effects on structures.

He joined Fugro’s geotechnical department in Oakland, California in 2006 after completing his MSc at UC Berkeley. In 2008, he began his PhD at the National Technical University of Athens, while still assisting Fugro in projects (2010, 2011). His research activities focused on dynamic soil-structure-interaction analyses.  After completing his PhD in 2013, Dr Giannakos joined Fugro’s earthquake engineering department in Oakland/Walnut Creek, California where he has worked on projects around the world. He returned to Greece in 2017 and continued his work as an Independent Consultant.

Selected projects he has worked on include the site characterization, earthquake engineering studies and foundation design services for the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge in Turkey, the assessment of the seismic performance of critical earth structures in Groningen, the Netherlands, preliminary earthwork design for the Istanbul New Airport and design of landslide mitigation measures for the Pan Arab Highway in Lebanon. While based in California he worked on the vulnerability assessment of the BART Transbay Tube to liquefaction induced demands, the seismic hazard re-evaluation of a number of LNG facilities in the US and Canada, the foundation design of the new Champlain Bridge across the St. Lawrence River in Canada, as well as the site investigation and site characterization for a number of large infrastructure projects in California.

He was the lead geotechnical engineer for the probabilistic seismic hazard assessment and soil-structure interaction studies performed for offshore platforms in the Middle East and Azerbaijan, the site response analyses and liquefaction triggering assessment performed for a refinery in Mexico, the site response analyses using random vibration theory performed to develop ground motions for a city in the Netherlands and the probabilistic seismic hazard assessment performed for an Offshore Wind Farm development in North East Asia.

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