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Taxiarchoula Limnaiou


Dr Taxiarchoula Limnaiou is a Geotechnical Engineer at GR8 GEO. She completed her Ph.D on advanced constitutive modelling of granular materials with parallel implementation in the commercial finite difference numerical code FLAC and FLAC3D and its validation against advanced numerical analyses related to seismic liquefaction under the supervision of Professor Papadimitriou.

She has research experience in several aspects of geotechnical engineering mainly focusing on advanced numerical analyses related to earthquake and liquefaction induced hazards on lifelines and existing infrastructures. Her research work has been published in scientific journals and in a number of conferences.

Select projects she has worked on include site response analyses for the development of design ground motions for various projects in seismically active areas, 2D and 3D dynamic SSI analyses for shallow and deep foundations and 3D numerical evaluations of suction bucket foundations under static, earthquake and typhoon loading for an offshore wind farm.


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