Vasileios Drosos



Dr Vasileios Drosos is a Senior Engineer at GR8 GEO.  For more than 14 years he has been working as a consultant engineer in Greece, Turkey and the Netherlands while he has also worked as a researcher in Greece and in the USA. He has worked extensively on advanced numerical modeling activities for several infrastructure projects involving seismic hazard assessment, soil-structure interaction, slope stability, and liquefaction-induced hazards. Since 2014 he has worked on a range of infrastructure projects involving site investigation, site characterization, foundation recommendations and earthquake engineering design services.


As a researcher, Dr. Drosos has worked in more than 10 research projects funded by the EU, Public and Private Organizations and his experience includes seismic hazard evaluations and site response analyses, soil-foundation-structure interaction, evaluations of slope stability, fault rupture effects through foundations, assessment of liquefaction-induced hazards and their effects on structures, dynamic analysis of port structures. He has co-authored 15 journal papers and more than 30 conference papers. His post-doctoral research at the University of California, Berkeley was on the dynamic soil-structure-interaction of seismically isolated nuclear power plants


Selected projects he has worked on include the preliminary earthwork design for the Istanbul New Airport in Turkey; the site characterization, earthquake engineering studies and foundation design services for the “1915 Çanakkale” Bridge in Turkey; the assessment of the seismic performance of critical earth structures in Groningen, the Netherlands; the dynamic evaluation of new port structures in Greece (Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Igoumenitsa); and the design of major bridges against fault rupture along the New Elefsina-Corinthos-Patras Highway “Olympia Odos” in Greece. 


He routinely works on probabilistic seismic hazard analyses, site response analyses, liquefaction evaluations, and soil-structure interaction analyses for projects in seismically active areas around the world.

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