Yannis Chaloulos


✉ ychaloulos@gr8-geo.com

Dr Yannis Chaloulos is a Geotechnical Engineer at GR8 GEO. He has approximately 10 years of consulting experience and specializes in the development of advanced 2D and 3D numerical models for the analysis of geotechnical problems with emphasis on seismic and liquefaction-induced hazards.


In 2012 he completed his PhD on pile response in laterally spreading soils. His research activities have resulted in the publication of several journal papers and led to the development of soil constitutive models for FLAC and FLAC3D which are available on Itasca’s website. In parallel with his research activities, he has worked as an external consultant for several infrastructure projects.


He has worked in projects related to the analysis and design of pipelines under permanent deformations, including the recent Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) in Greece and Albania. He has also worked on the seismic design of the 140m tall KaratzasLakkos Tailings Dam in the Skouries Tailings Management Facility in Chalkidiki (Greece). 


Recently he has worked on the seismic assessment of the liquefaction performance of existing structures in Groningen due to man-induced seismicity and on the design of landslide preventive works in the Pan Arab Highway in Lebanon. He has also participated in earthquake engineering projects involving probabilistic seismic hazard analyses, dynamic site characterization, development of ground motions for site response analyses, liquefaction evaluations and soil-structure interaction analyses.

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